Mellow Armchair

Armchairs from Comforty, Designed by Maja Ganszyniec

Product description


The MELLOW furniture series includes armchairs and sofas in three heights. The collection aims to combine two design languages to create a clear and coherent form that will suit home and public spaces, contributing different qualities and impressions to both. The softness and ultimate comfort of the seat contrasts with the tightly upholstered, defined mantle. The tidy silhouette underlines a sense of security and calmness and creates a micro-environment - a shelter and warm enfolded space. The structured textile of the soft seat adds some extra sophistication and gives a cutting edge look. The high back, in three sizes, allows the MELLOW to be placed in busy public spaces to provide a touch of silence and cosiness.

MELLOW is a range of multipurpose furniture products that contribute to an interior with their softness, sense of cosiness and refined details. The idea sprang from the correlation of two design languages to create a clear and coherent form. The spherical seat, combined with a neatly shaped surface, results in a surprising blend of different impressions.

Depending on the upholstery fabric and the height of the rigorously shaped structure, the final result allows for the placing of the product in different arrangements – in a private home or within a public or office space.

The high back provides a sense of familiarity and comfort to offices and public spaces. The structured textile will add both some extra sophistication and a cutting edge look, while the more disciplined, solid colour fabric will accentuate the design of the product and help to fill an open space with a significant form.

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Part of the collection ARMCHAIRS.
Manufacturer Comforty
Family Mellow
Architonic ID 1332042
Year of Launch 2015

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