Product description

Chair in solid beech and straw, sitting upholstered with Nord Wool felt.

Size cm.
H.73; L.60; D.43

VS10NW201 - Beech, anthracite grey
VS10NW404 - Beech, beige
VS10NW701 - Beech, blue
VS10NW703OV - Beech, light blue
VS10NW802 - Beech, acid green
VS20NW201 - Canaletto walnut, anthracite grey
VS20NW404 - Canaletto walnut, beige
VS20NW701 - Canaletto walnut, blue
VS20NW703OV - Canaletto walnut, light blue
VS10NW802 - Canaletto walnut, acid green

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Inspired to the 50’s, but also to Vienna at the end of the 19th century, this little armchair in solid beech and straw is a tribute to Alfred Sloan’s American styling joined to European pragmatism and, in this particular case, to the renowned Italian talent constantly aiming to harmonize beauty and functionality. The structure is in solid beech or in beech painted Canaletto walnut. The rigid sitting can be upholstered in Nord Wool felt or red velvet.