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Soft Top KS-188
Soft Top
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Product description

Upholstered seat and back. Frame in chromium, black or white laquered metal. Armrests in oak or ash. Stained as option.

Height 82 cm
Width 54 cm
Depth 54 cm
Seat height 46 cm
Vikt 8 kg

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Guest or visitor, that is the question. Soft Top is made with public spaces in mind and matches all requirements such as affordability, flexibility, quality and sturdiness. But yet, the design has a familiar touch that makes everyone feel right at home, even if they’re just visiting.

“Soft Top was conceived as a highly affordable, versatile guest/stacking chair. Our goal was twofold -- First, to build a unique, but simple character into the design without losing sight of the price point and other demands of the category. Second, to allow for the design, in its many iterations, to fit into almost any environment. Soft Top was designed to work in office and educational environments, waiting areas, private offices, hospitality and residential equally with a subtle sense of warmth and whimsy more commonly found in the home.”
”Soft Top is a simple chair with a big and charming personality that makes it feel right at home in most environments. It’s like an old friend that you haven’t thought of in a long time – but you’re happy to see when you meet!” /Brad Ascalon, designer