Product description

Base of oak or walnut, varnished or blackstained. Frame of steel tubing with rubber webbing. Upholstery of polyurethane with polyester fibre. Cover in fabric or leather. Contrast stitching available exclusively for premium leather. Changeable gliders in felt or plastic.

Product family


Modern art of the 20th and 21st centuries deserves a fitting frame- work, with a building and furnishings that are just as modern. Berlin architects Sauerbruch Hutton were thus faced with an exciting chal- lenge when asked to design the Museum Brandhorst in Munich. Three different seating solutions were developed for the museum, which opened in 2009 – for the cafeteria, the foyer and the confe- rence and lecture rooms. ClassiCon developed the designs to the point of series production in close collaboration with the architects. Along with demanding expectations in terms of form and quality, the wear and tear the furniture would be subject to in the public space had to be taken into consideration and its durability ensured by means of various tests.