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Brick Screen
Brick Screen
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Authorised by The World Licence Holder Aram Designs Ltd., London

Eileen Gray was fascinated by the beauty of traditional lacquerware. She learned the centuries-old craft from a Japanese artisan and then perfected her skills over the course of many years. Brick Screen is one of her best-known creations. She experimented with various dimensions and panel finishes. More than just a room divider, this folding screen with its understated elegance commands the presence of a sculpture. The fixed and moveable panels are lacquered by hand layer upon layer in a process that takes several weeks, each layer first allowed to dry completely, then sanded by hand and finally polished to an immaculate sheen. This famous piece, coveted by collectors, is part of the permanent design collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Each screen is signed and given a serial number as proof of authenticity and provenance.

Stainless steel rod framework. Polished solid bronze shims, spacers and end caps, coated with clear varnish. Panels with high-gloss lacquer finish. Handcrafted.

An elaborate masterpiece of hand craftsmanship, this is the first version of the Brick Screen to be authorised by the license holder, Aram Designs Ltd., London. Made to order in a limited edition of 75. Each piece is numbered consecutively and bears the Eileen Gray signature. The 28 fixed and movable wooden panels are lacquered by hand layer by layer: each layer is allowed to dry completely, then is sanded by hand and finally polished to an immaculate sheen. Stabilising interior frame of stainless steel, solid bronze end caps.