Product description

Sestessa sospesa led is particularly suitable for rooms with high ceilings that reflect very little because, even if they are installed half way to the ceiling, they do not waste the light rays by pointing them upwards. The Sospesa rose contains the dimmable drivers and fine tuning for the cable length and to level the fitting.

Product family


Since the Sestessa parete has been so successful, we felt the need to extend the family with new suspended, wall/ceiling and semi-built-in versions, while maintaining the sinuous forms of the reflector structure and its characteristic stepped look. Indirect light is provided by three different models of high-performance luminaires, particularly suitable also for interiors that need intense, efficient illumination.
Colour on demand Can be specified with the inner side white and the outside coloured, providing neutral light (Sestessa bicolore), or with the entire luminaire coloured, for atmospheric lighting (Sestessa monocolore).

Sestessa plafone led, Sestessa semincasso led and Sestessa sospesa led emit indirect
light, reflecting and channelling the light in the room.