The Flagstone collection draws inspiration from the infinite combinations of colours in nature to create relaxing atmospheres.

The four shades (White, Beige, Black and Green) express the collection’s, versatile soul, giving personality to the place of installation.

Thanks to the variety of shades, graphics and textures made possible by the Casablend technology, every tile expresses its own individuality. The shades are intermixed in a close balance, also thanks to the carefully diversified modular formats.

Flagstone tiles are for Light Commercial applications, suitable for private and public interiors with average foot traffic.

Dimensions (cm) glazed porcelain tiles

12,73 x 12,73
19,1 x 19,1
19,1 x 38,2
38,2 x 38,2
57,55 x 57,55
38,2 x 64
3 x 3 (tessere mosaico)
3 x 6 (tessere mosaico)
6 x 6 (tessere mosaico)