Product description

9,5 (45x45 cm, 30x60 cm)
grip: 9 (30x30 cm, 15x15 cm)
soft: 10
Aextra20: 20

soft: 60x60*, 40x60*, 30x60*, 20x60*
grip: 30x60, 45x45, 30x30, 15x15*
up: 30x60*, 20x60*
Aextra20 60x60*
(*rectified, squared, one caliber)

Roxwall 10,5x45 cm
Brick 1 30x30 cm

Product family


Roxstones is the new porcelain stoneware collection by Ceramiche Caesar in which the latest ceramic technology meets the striking beauty of quartzite. In a contemporary reworking of nature’s original offering, this collection lends designs a lively and expressive personality through its textures. Two surface finishes, soft and grip, plus the up option, mean users can achieve various design goals in all kinds of situations. The collection offers designers an extensive and diverse range of solutions and a variety of sizes, enabling them to fully meet today’s needs for homes and retails spaces. The five colours featured in Roxstones can be accented with other options to bring new light to designs. Each tile offers a combination of elegant shading, stylish detail, and a subtle grain effect that imitates the colour differences of natural quartzite, all the while respecting the environment. Roxstones is also available in an Aextra20 version, making use of the Caesar system which increases thickness to 20 mm to provide technical solutions for dry-laid outdoor flooring.