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Edge armchair
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Product description

W 60 x L 59 x H 83 (seat: 46) cm

Cane-line rope

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The Edge Collection designed by Strand+Hvass offers a completely new style in the Cane-line's assortment. With its transparent rope weaving and minimalistic aluminium frame, it will blend in many places yet stand out as contemporary and practical outdoor furniture. Further, the comfort of the Edge collection is high both in terms of sitting comfort and usability. The Rope fibre excels with a nice feel-and-touch and it dries fast after a rain shower. The Edge products are produced by use of casted aluminium parts designed for optimal aesthetics and strength. The Edge chairs and bench fit exceptionally well with the Edge extension table. The bench can be used as two extra seats at the end of the table. The highback chair is the ideal relaxing chair and used together with an On-the-Move table one has a comfortable and maintenance-free solution. The new Edge range represents a new style that works both with indoor as well outdoor settings.

Edge dining
Edge dining chair is result of long design process where aesthetics, functionality and comfort were considered before moving to the next phase. The Edge dining chair has a strong aluminium frame with casted parts providing exclusive details and high strength. The chair stacks very well and is therefore suitable even for places where space is a limited resource. The new rope provides a nice feel-and-touch and is at the same practical and easy to clean. Edge dining fits well with the Edge extension table - both are designed by Strand+Hvass.

Edge Bench
The Edge bench is a very practical piece of garden furniture. It is designed with a sitting comfort that allow it to be used as two extra seats at the dining table as well as a stand alone piece used in and around the house. Its design is clearly in the Edge family, yet it has its own characteristic and fits well into the contemporary home or apartment.

Edge Highback:
The Edge highback is a highly comfortable lounge chair that fits perfectly indoor and as well as outdoors. Its minimalistic design allows it to fit in many places without taking over the surrounding architecture, yet stands out as a refined piece of design with a special expression. Edge highback is designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. It stacks well and can therefore be stored when not in use, thus opening up for use at places where space is limited. Edge highback is manufactured by use of high quality solutions such as casted parts for e.g. the arm, thereby allowing for refined details and high strength. Edge highback is designed by Strand+Hvass.