Key facts

Product description

OVERSIZE LUX aims to turn sound-absorbing panels made with Snowsound technology from purely functional fixtures into real pieces of furniture that are suspended in a wave pattern from the ceiling.

The panels resolve three design challenges: how to provide ambient lighting, how to lower the ceiling and how to achieve acoustic comfort.

A joined-up approach to dealing with these three challenges led to the creation of what are effectively architectural solutions consisting of sound-absorbing panels punctuated with recessed bays containing LED lighting points.

The panels come in two sizes: 119cm x 119cm, and 119cm x 159cm. Likewise, the LED lighting is available either as an individual square spotlight or as a rectangular lamp. The panels are available in different colours. The ceiling suspension cables are adjustable.

119cm x 119cm - 1 square LED spotlight with an output of 10.5W
119cm x 119cm - 1 rectangular LED lamp with an output of 17.4W
119cm x 159cm - 2 square LED spotlights with an output of 10.5W
119cm x 159cm - 1 rectangular LED lamp with an output of 24.6W

Finishing: the panels are available in white or grey and, on request, in ten other colours.

Product family


Caimi Brevetti is continuing the research it began some time ago in the field of acoustic design. This is an area in which the company’s consistency of approach has led to the development of technologies such as Snowsound® and Snowsound®-Fiber, to which may be added the latest, Snowsound-Lux, a new breakthrough both in acoustic design and in multifunctional fixtures.

The Snowsound-Lux project aims to develop sound-absorbing panels that not only screen out the unpleasant noise of many public and private spaces, but also embed a lighting source.

Caimi Brevetti's entire line of production is predicated on a design concept that focuses on the wellness and comfort of its users, and the Snowsound-Lux has now added the element of light into the existing element of sound to create an integrated audio-visual fixture.

The new collection also includes Sezgin Aksu’s GIOTTO LUX- and Marc Sadler’s OVERSIZE-LUX.