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Living room/Office acces...-Umbrella stands >
Living room/Office acces...-Umbrella stands >

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Innovative and elegant system of containers, formed by umbrella stand for ordinary or folding umbrellas, ashtray, waste paper basket and flower box, entirely in stainless steel and marked by the ribbon-working of shafts. The containers available in different heights can be linked through aluminium and Velcro joints and have rounded, shock-proof and accident-proof edges; in addition, the broad, double-thickness edges lend rigidity and resistance to the product. The practicality and specific use of each single shaft is enabled by the many accessories available with this system.
The Prisma line containers are also available entirely made from AISI 304 stainless steel and are suitable for external use. Perforated base for the drainage of rainwater, especially designed for being fixed to the ground.

The Prisma system containers, available in three heights, are identical until you add one of the many “accessory lids”. The units are easy to put together thanks to the snap connections in aluminium and Velcro that can create a variety of shapes and compositions. They become functional groupings that are also useful for segregated waste or row type solutions that separate spaces or create paths in places such as hotel lobbies, hospitals, offices, receptions, and waiting rooms, etc

The box structure features a seamless ribbon in stainless steel that retains the square shape but adds softly rounded corners that prevent bumps and accidents. The wide double-thick edges are designed to lend durability and stiffness to the products.

The finish on the steel is especially designed to repel dirt.

Materials and finishes:
- Structure and accessories in stainless steel
- Brushed stainless steel