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Feel Jade Steel
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Product description

60 x 60 cm
2 pieces

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Strength combined with aesthetics, material and decorations that recall deep and unique emotions, such as sounds and memories that belong only to you. Feel can give shape to your style.

The striped effect of Feel is the result of a unique design, created using the latest technology, which will surely play a leading role in interior decoration. Thanks to its delicate, tone-on-tone patterns, Feel is striking but not flashy. It adds a stylish touch to any environment.

Feel means versatility and ease of use: it has a single size grade, and is wedged and ground to make installation extremely easy, with the smallest joints possible, to suit the needs of modern and contemporary interior design.

Feel reflects your way of being and working. If youʼre trend-setting rather than fashionable, if you design innovations, if you believe in a harmonious and contemporary environment...Feel is especially for you. Its wide range and selection of decorative pieces have been designed to fulfil any requirement, both for floors and walls.

Each Feel environment get more value and richness. Feel reflects the modern taste for art and design.

Feel can offer you the best performances of Caesar technical porcelain stoneware, this give professionals different possibilities of use, to guarantee a perfect final result.

Interior design today must be a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, character and versatility. Feel is the perfect ingredient for contemporary decorating requirements.

Beauty and style combine to offer a sensation of wellbeing to all those experiencing Feel environments. Feel is elegance and brightness.

Feeling at home means feeling comfortable with the things that surround us. Feel gives environments a harmony that reflects onto us.