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The birth of the present
What defines a piece of architecture? The material with which it is made? The surface or the design? Centuries after they were created, the greatest works of architecture still stand out on the horizon that they have helped to define, their true value increasing with every passing year. Time and generations are etched on the metal, just like a film. Almost as a soul. And it is on that surface, solid and yet alive, that we can read our history. And it is in that history, in that metal and that cement, that the latest collection TRACE from Caesar comes to life.

Planning the Future
Solid, majestic, substantial and elegant, the collection is inspired by materials used in the great works of architecture and monuments of the past and it recreates their colours for a unique and precious look. The colour of bronzed metal and the opacity of cement are the elements of the history and of the innovation that, centuries ago, imagined, and then created, our present.

The value of time
The patina that is found on the surface of old metal doesn’t have a colour of its own, but it is able to exhibit an almost infinite amount of colours that are hidden under the apparent uniformity on the surface. Be they smooth, structured or satin surfaces, the action of water, of oxidation and of time does not weaken the structure, but carve out character and beauty in the material itself.

Some surfaces have an intrinsic value. Metal shaped and ravaged over time is one of such values. The mottled effect revealed by oxidation, the irregular character of the worked metal is pleasant to the touch and the substance of cement meet in the Natural finish. The texture of the polished surface, the lower relief of the erosion on the metal, the shiny and shimmering reflections of a satin and brushed tile surface are characteristics of the Iridescent finish. Together these elements give every space a hand-crafted feel and, over time, a vision of design.

With Trace, the choice of the size of the tile is a fundamental moment in defining your space. In fact, the various formats allow you to create perceived effects that are completely different: it can lead the surface down one particular direction, giving the impression that your space is part of a much bigger construction or even that it is a monument.