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Anima Decors Composizione F | Calacatta Oro
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The soul of the project
The masterpieces of Italian sculpture came to life thanks to the ability of the artists to work with a block of marble and turn it into something unique, giving it a face, a form, a soul. In the same way, Anima places 6 inspirational marble types and 3 surfaces finishes at the disposal of every project need, in order to transform spaces with an exclusive and sought-after charm.

The Elegance of Architecture
With Anima, Caesar porcelain stoneware reveals the intimate aspects of some of the world’s most elegant marble, an incredibly noble material. A versatile collection with an unmistakable style, laden with unbounded naturalness, able to enrich spaces with its surfaces that are never repetitive and with its precious decorative accents.

The NATURAL finish can be used on floors and walls in residential and commercial venues subject to a low footfall. The use of the LUCIDATO finish is limited to wall cladding and floor application in residential venues and in spaces subject to low footfall, avoiding the direct contact with outdoor areas which require anti-slip features. The SMOOTH finish is only suitable for indoor wall cladding. The LUCIDATO and SMOOTH finishes are the result of a special mechanical process and can manifest small dots or hollows as well as a non-uniform shine all over the surface. These particularities are to be considered as intrinsic features of the product which give them a more natural appeal.