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CLUBS – the benches can be converted into club chairs by a simply conversion method. The Club conversion unit comprises of a ‘C’ shaped unit either fully upholstered or with a wooden outer shell. This unit when placed around the stool forms its natural arms and back surround. This unit can then be flipped round or switched into a table that you can sit at on the bench stool to work. The Conversion units will be available in 2 heights - 750mm and 1385mm high.

BENCHES – The stools or benches in the collection comprises of single seat, 2-seater and 3-seater benches. They are constructed via 2 rectangular blocks with rounded corners on top of each other. The lower and smaller block is covered with a striped pattern available in 4 colour ways made from recycling the waste strips of BuzziFelt. This base unit then sits on a wood board. The upper block larger in size and is then also upholstered using a loose cover in BuzziFabric with elasticated edges so the cover can be easily removed for cleaning or by switching colour palettes.

WALLS – An L-shaped wall at 1386mm high can be used as a back to the two-seater and three-seater benches and to use a space dividing privacy tool to create cocooned meeting areas. As on the Conversion units for the club chairs, this L-shaped wall comes either fully upholstered in BuzziFabric or with a wooden back and sides. The wood version can then be used for two more key areas. First of all its primary role is a wall, then as a ‘day bed’ and thirdly as a work wall. As a work wall the unit comes with a built-in shelf with rounded corners to match the benches. The Conversion units flipped can then be pushed up against the work wall to act as a table. Alternatively laid on its back this becomes a double day bed.

TWIST – a flexible freestanding screen 3500mm long, made from the same striped pattern available in 4 colour ways made from recycling the waste strips of BuzziFelt. The unit can be placed in many shapes either creating a directional piece of furniture or creating a circle to allow privacy for seating areas.

Twist: 250x120cm (WxH)

BRIDGE – a wooden bridge unit can be placed centrally over the day bed using the wooden hook end to create an arm or backrest which divides the space into 3 seating zones. This unit can simply be lifted off and placed on the floor to create a lower seating unit perhaps for children with the wooded hook end acting as a table.

TRAY/COATHANGERS – wooden accessories for hanging a jacket or putting your laptop/iPad or book on can be used in differing ways and on different points in the collection simply by hooking them over the top profiles of the units.

Wall: 75x200x139cm(LxWxH)
Wing: 75x139cm(WxH)
Bridge: 153x75x50cm(LxWxH)
Armrest: 21x28x46cm
TrayTable: 25x53x9,5cm
Cushion: 30x50x8cm
CoatHanger: 24cm H