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The BuzziHub is a space where people can easily come together and share information. it has been designed to become a central point in the social life of an office. it can serve as a non formal meeting room as people increasingly come to the office in order to connect with each other and not just work by themselves since they might already be working part-time at home or on the road.
The BuzziHub has been designed in order to make you feel at home. it is a warm and comfortable environment made to facilitate communication and improve personal wellbeing.

The BuzzHub Side is a more enclosed version of the BuzziHub. It is all about increasing visual and sound privacy while still maintaining a connection with the surrounding environment. As if the sides were trying to reach one another in order to fill the gap between two Hubs facing each other... It is very much a piece with an added movement due to the added function.
A standard BuzziHub, or a BuzziHub Single can be ordered with one of its side longer. The BuzziHub Side is also available in several colors (pink, lime, orange, grey, black, white, ... ) and can be customized using different color combinations. It is fully upholstered with a recycled fabric.