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Kawa Deus® 228 microleather
Kawa-Deus® 904 microleather
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Product description

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Kawa-Deus is a patented and registered trademark of Buvetex. Thanks to the use of the latest production technologies, Kawa-Deus microleather can be considered as the most advanced PU-leather which is ecological and therefore environmental friendly. The complete production process is ISO certified.
The producer disposes of an ISO 9001 certificate (related to the quality) and an ISO 14001 certificate (environmental considerations).
Furthermore, the appearance and the quality of Kawa-Deus are similar to those of genuine leather. In contrast to other synthetic leathers Kawa-Deus does not contain PVC’s, nor chlorine or chemicals that aren’t decomposable.
Additionally, there are no changes in appearance of the product due to fluctuating temperatures (like this is the case with PVC-leather; soft during the summer / hard during the winter).
As a result of the use of a very high quality of PU (polyurethan of the polycarbonate category) it is a long lasting product that does not absord liquids and bears minimal a 5 year warranty. Kawa-Deus can be considered as even more durable than genuine leather.

The upholstery of Kawa-Deus offers many advantages; the most important ones are summarized below :

- a stable and uniform quality (no faults like in hides)
- a minimum loss when cutting (hides waste : +/- 30 % - K.D. waste : +/- 5 %)
- Kawa-Deus® can be cut by laser in various layers and is very easy to handle
- Kawa-Deus® can be printed
- waterproof
- disposes of the European public transport certificate CEE 95/98
- remains supple and easy to care
- the smooth surface remains soft and breathes slightly
- has a warm touch

Composition: 100% PU
Weight: 377 gr/m2
Width: 137cm
Roll length: ± 35m
Light fastness: 7
Abrasion Resistace: 75000

Besides the ecological and environmental aspects these last three advantages will be highly apreciated by the enduser of the product.