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Busnelli commits the research and development of its first modular system, unique in its kind to Bruno Fattorini and Partners. The result is a library system characterized by its innovative technology of construction and assembling that makes it unique worldwide, from the materiality of its components and the peculiarity of its curves. Versatile, completely modular in the length of its components, are only a minimal part of this innovative product. The material is in solid surface of 9 mm thickness that is curved in hot temperatures in lengths of 1, 2 and 3 meters to obtain shelves of different heights to contain objects, books and televisions. The system is composed by a number of shelves and a double shelf. The double shelf – C shaped – could be used at the top, as a terminal unit or separately.
The fixing of the elements is made through an exclusive rack system so that each element can fit perfectly with the lower shelf. The total hold of the shelf is obtained thanks to the wall-rack hook and the same curved shape that grants the final support.
For the L shaped elements with a bigger dimension of 1 meter, is available an sliding door of 75 cm width, in white, light grey and dark grey colors.
Available also a container with front door with vertical opening mechanism, only for shelves of height 32,8 cm and depth 39,4 cm. The container can be placed and moved through all the length of the shelf.
The resin used, further than having a great resistance to dirt and abrasions allows to preserve its original aspect, since it is easy to keep it plain by using an abrasive pad. On request, it is possible to have the shelves on measure.
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