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The hot seat: D1 by Wagner



Enough with boring office chairs! WAGNER’s new D1, designed by Stefan Diez, not only promotes dynamic sitting, it looks great too.

Modern Family: Wagner W-2020

Barbara Jahn-Rösel


Sven von Boetticher has reinvigorated WAGNER's classic bar stool. The resulting W-2020 chair family is so comfortable and good-looking, if your partner doesn’t come home in the evening, you’ll have a good idea where they could be.

On the move: Wagner D1

Barbara Jahn-Rösel


WAGNER's new D1 office chair family by Stefan Diez dispenses with complex mechanics but is nevertheless movable on all axes – resulting in aesthetic as well as comfort benefits.

Sitting in motion: Wagner Dondola 4D

Barbara Jahn-Rösel


Thanks to the equally simple and ingenious Dondola 4D joint from WAGNER, ‘sitting’ now becomes a thing we ‘do’.

Support group: Wagner's D1 swivel chairs

Katharina Schwarze


The D1 swivel chair family designed by Stefan Diez for WAGNER keeps users moving with its innovative joint mechanism, while fundamentally changing our conception of how office chairs look.

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