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plupp_ap.2 Sofa
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Ingenious clarity sets plupp_ap.2 apart with its “mix ‘n match” rest elements in an interplay of colours and fabrics, replaceable at any time. The sofa’s upholstered base with all-round inside groove, rests, as if floating on air, on angled legs. Two rest elements, in mini and maxi version, lend plupp_ap.2 idiosyncratic flair. Depending on number and whim, they can be push-fitted exactly where one chooses to sit. Three mini rest elements can either paint fresh colour contours against a light sofa base or a combination of maxi and mini elements create geometric shapes with ever new surprises. The inspired design of plupp_ap.2 makes it possible to arrive at innumerable sitting, relaxing and reclining positions with just a few elements. The single sofa, in pure form, can turn into a place to sleep at night, when fitted with rest elements and push-fit table it becomes a playstation, or when augmented it assumes the shape of a variable duo. It can alter into an open-spaced corner ensemble with fitted rest element in subtle colour contrast or entirely in white. The maxi rest element creates a distinct bridge between two plupp_ap.2 minimalists when in corner formation or, when used as a bed head, it forms the connecting element when both sofa loungers come together as a dainty double bed. Runners in birch.