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The extremely innovative, softly curved convertible sofa floret glory – here arranged to form an enclosed lounging area – offers an unusually wide range of seating options.
Like unfurling leaves: floret glory‘s armrests can be unfolded and lowered at an angle.
line of beauty
The front of the floret glory sofa is slightly S-shaped, which is decorative yet also functional: This design results in varying seat depths. The two separate sofa elements can be rearranged, if desired. Both armrests can be pulled up and folded down at an angle. Shown here in basic position, with individually adjusted armrests; top right: as a lounging area. Fitted with covers in utterly pliant leather.
Welcoming open arms: The sofa elements have been arranged at a 60 degree angle towards each other, which results in an empty space that is filled to perfection by a pie slice shaped table with hidden shelves. Left armrest in relax position.
soft contours
A quarter-circle shaped table connects the two sofa elements to create a corner suite. The sofa element on the left has a deeper seat depth, and the oval and round cushions are slightly plumper to provide firmer support.
Highback Chair libellule, Sofa floret glory, armchair floret
refined comfort
Super-customisable options: Both sofa elements can be converted in many different ways. If desired, they can be completed by a quarter-circle shaped table unit that can either be integrated into a corner arrangement or placed separately. Arranged at an angle to form a corner suite, floret glory is perfect for social occasions; the enclosed lounging area, on the other hand, is ideal for quiet relaxation. In this position, the armrests become the backrests. They can be pulled up and folded down at an angle to increase the relaxation factor.
unique silhouettes
Colour and design study in pastel shades, created with a floret armchair and a floret glory sofa, a mink stool/ occasional table and a libellue highback chair.
Distinctive contours: Whilst the curved front of the armchair protrudes slightly, the curve of the sofa points inward, like a sickle. The inviting shape of the silhouette continues with the curved arc of the backrest. Leaf-

shaped armrests enhance the organic design. The black leather carpet corresponds both with the covers of armchair and sofa and the oval shape of the cushions.
Beautifully detailed arrangement of graceful floret sofas, armchairs and a stool in shades of blue and green; the different textures of the fabrics and the soft, curved contours create a lively look. The covers – here velour, a shiny high-tech material and a rich flower print fabric – are removable.
Ornate yet natural: Three-seater sofa floret in green velour, combined with an armchair covered in shiny high- tech material. The protruding curve of the armchair matches the sickle shape of the sofa.
This ensemble in black and blue combines leather and velour covers. Top left, a sofa covered in leather and velour fabric mix, with a slightly cuboid stool covered in leather.
Individual armchairs in various colours, covered in different fabrics and arranged in colourful rows.
Two-seater sofa with an inviting sickle shape and graceful chrome feet, decorated with round and oval cushions. The timeless, elegant design makes the sofa easy to combine with other pieces. The leaf-shaped arm- and backrest elements look a little bit like flowers; however, this effect is quite subtle and does not impact on floret‘s adaptability.