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Product description

Architonic ID 20269513
Oak Plywood with little knot, multilayered

Panel Thickness: 18mm

Raw Material Format (Panels are always cut exactly to size of project request):
1.48m x 2.98m

The Advantages at a Glance:

• Billing of net size only (no wastage!)
• Precise laser cut allowing for free contour and soft edges according to submitted CAD data
• More than 100 perforation patterns by Bruag
• Option of custom patterns according to your CAD drawing at no additional cost
• Perforations can run smoothly across several panels
• Large selection of colours (coating according to NCS S Edition2, RAL)
• Special colours on request
• Colours have excellent lightfastness
• Ready-to-install product including drill holes and cut-outs
• Post-processing on site possible (holes and cut-outs)
• Simple installation

Fire Property: D-s2-d0

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Plywood design: The rustic with a modern touch.Individual perforations and keep the familiarity of a wood structure? Then our plywood might be the right solution for you. It has proven to be able to bring traditional flair into modern rooms. The multilayered panels are usually varnished in our production but are theoretically available in all RAL and NCS colours.


Plywood design | Room Partitions

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