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Radiofonografo | rr226-fo-st-Noce-Canaletto
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Product description

The “Primo”
It’s difficult to talk about the radiofonografo, now a cult object in many countries of the world, without telling how it was born and in what guise it was first presented.
It was the first example designed with the noble materials of that time and especially suitable for a wide audience of consumers “classics” but attentive to design, in particular to unmistakable anthropomorphic forms.
Today this first object is reborn in April 2020 in only 100 copies numbered and signed one by one. Each product will be slightly different from the other as the wood flame will be different for each piece.
A careful selection of wood “flames” and a maniacal attention to detail combined with a warm and seductive color that only noce canaletto can give this object to become a unique solution to furnish with music the most refined environments.
The radiofonografo has been for many years the companion of many musicians including David Bowie and this shows that the very concept with which these “objects” have been drawn; that “have to keep company” and not only perform their function of optimal music reproduction.
We at Brionvega firmly believe in this simple but extraordinary concept that leads us to make only products that last in time, not only in their functionality but also and above all in their aesthetic value. So much so that they are objects that not only keep company with a whole life but are “left” to the following generations as and as the works of art. radiofonografo "primo" will be officially available from 21 of april 2020.

Wooden hancrafted cabinet, Rests on a cart with forged aluminum wheels, 125+125W audio amplifier with auto-limitation, AM/FM Radio, 2 RCA audio jacks for external sources, 1 RCA audio output for connecting to an external amplification system, 1 RCA audio output for connecting to an external subwoofer, 1 3.5 millimetre preamp audio jack for headphones, Project turntable with Ortofon cartridge

Product variants


Relive the emotions evoked by a unique product the way it was first thought: original cabinet design, always handmade one by one following the original drawings by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni.