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With Botanic, we interpret nature's variety of organic architecture and wealth of detail. Moreover, the new Botanic collection is the world's first vinyl flooring which is based on a plasticiser of renewable raw materials*. The weft thread is two-coloured and varies from white to brown in an irregular sequence, which provides a playful and extraordinary look. In this way, even monochrome floorings obtain a living and exciting look, textile feeling and depth of fabric. Botanic is manufactured with a thin and more mouldable backing. The design is newly developed and demonstrates same good dimension stability as the rest of Bolon's product range. Botanic is offered in a roll and as tiles. The tiles can be laid in one direction, which means that they will get a monolithic look with no visible joints and will instead appear as broadloom.

- Warrant 7 years
- Classification 32
- Woven Vinyl
- Fire resistant
- Slip resistant
- Sound absorbing
- Does not fray
- General commercial