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Modular kitchen system which is recognized among the masterpieces of Italian design. The kitchen has been manufactured since 1972 and it was the first kitchen available without handle, with a door opening on the base and wall units in shaped aluminium profile, thus allowing to easily fit the hand to open the door.
The base units, with two or more drawers, can be fitted with a middle handle-rail or a push-opening, giving a minimalist design aspect.
The tall units can be opened through vertical aluminium spacers on the sides.
In 2012 and 2013 new materials for this kitchen are proposed: worktops and doors in frosted painted glass and aluminium for doors, which gives a more refined imagine to this product.

Kitchen with base, wall and tall units, with square-edged doors.
Different built-in, semi- or flush-mounted hobs and sinks can be used. Welded hobs and sinks can be installed only on stainless steel worktops.

Carcasses made of 19 mm thick wood particle board panels , waterproof (class V100), with low formaldehyde emission (class E1/CARB P2), treated with high performance
melamine resin. Front and back edges in ABS, same colour.
Plinths/handle-rails/spacers: in aluminium profile, with height and depth adjusting system. Finishes: stainless steel/matt white/matt black/bright white (Lamicolor® 754).
H= 80 / 120 mm.
Panels, doors and fronts available in (colours or species in full Boffi range): Decomat (bi-laminate), laminate, Lasermat (nanotechnological matt “soft touch” surface), Silcover (matt lacquer), Ecolak (water-based matt “soft touch” lacquer), wood, wood Selection, 3D wood (veneer wood), polyester, Metals (metal-effect lacquer), stainless steel, Corian®, glass, aluminium, solid wood, 3D solid wood.
The 3D finishes have been designed to create a specific three dimensions effect: therefore thicknesses and widths vary on purpose. Upon request: doors in stone, marble or granite.
Unit dimensions:
base units H. 790 / W. 150 – 300 – 400 – 450 – 500 - 600 – 750- 900 – 1200 / d. 345-625 mm.
Wall units H. 440 - 600 – 720 - 880 – 1160 / mm., W. 150 – 300 – 400 – 450 – 500 - 600 – 750- 900 – 1200 – 1800 - 2400 / d. 345 mm.
Tall units H. 2130 - 2340 / W. 300 – 450 – 600 – 764-900/d. 345-625 mm.

Worktops available in laminate, Lasermat, veneer wood, glass, solid wood, Corian®, stainless steel, Durinox®, stone, marble, granite and composite.
Thicknesses: 12-20-40-60-80-110-160 mm (some finishes could be available only in some specific thicknesses).

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