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Case System 2.3
Case System 2.3
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A product of extensive research, the top-of-the-range ‘Case System 2.3’, teams the ever growing demand for ultra sophisticated design with intelligent and innovative technical solutions.
To maintain an image of absolute minimalism the handle has been integrated into the doors where it remains invisible. The stainless steel worktop rests on a light, aluminum frame creating a void between base and top. Other elegant technical solutions such as the ‘Blu-motion’ seal-mechanism that allows the doors of the units to recede softly and silently close are standard.
This truly pioneering design introduces the suspended base module, kept in suspension by a built-in L-shaped steel joint. Supported on one side by a low open faced module and fixed to the floor behind a regular base unit on the other the units appear to be weightless. Whilst fulfilling all practical necessities this modular entity contradicts all traditional ideas of a kitchen.

Modular system of base- and tall-units with side-panels in stainless steel, Corian® or wood.

Carcass: in antrachite gray or graphite-gray melamine.
Plinths: aluminum grid.
- 0.8 mm. and box-type-structured stainless steel AISI 304, inside and outside stainless steel door, inner structure frame in wood filled with plastic inert material.
Stainless steel finish: Scotch Brite, horizontal markings. Total thickness 23mm.
- wood veneer.
- Setasil or M+ in the Boffi range of colors.
- polyester.
- 4mm-white Corian®. Inner structure made of coupled aluminium sheets.

Handle: drawn stainless steel (AISI 304) handle built into the top edge of the door. In the Corian® version the handle is sunk directly into the material.
Worktops: th. 20 or 60 mm., d. 705 or 1260mm., W. 4000mm.
Finishes: brushed stainless steel and Corian®. Hob units and sinks: welded CRS tops – flush-mounted CRS– flush-mounted QUADRA series for Corian® tops.