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Mahdavi Pill Cocktail
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Tiles made entirely by hand using high-strength cement blended with coloured oxides. Square in shape (20x20 cm)

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The collection by India Mahdavi for the CEMENTILES line reflects the creative, eclectic, playful and subtly satirical universe of the French designer. Optical graphic motifs, with sleek lines and singular, bold color combinations give rise to decorations of pop and seventies inspiration. Tiles with stripes, polka dots, bubbles, squares and multi-color patterns in undulating shapes create a dynamic effect through endless repetition.
Available in two formats - 20x20cm square or 20x23cm hexagonal – each cement tile is made entirely by hand and painstakingly crafted through a process that lends charm and character to this collection.
A linguistically modern savoir faire sets apart this new line by India Mahdavi for the Bisazza Cementiles collection. These decorative tiles reveal a refined trendiness, thanks to a unique combination of design and craftsmanship.

"My designs speak to us and to one another. They’re chatty, almost colloquial. In order to distinctly avoid static designs, I intend to free up space, allowing for a kind of visual dialogue between the tiles. Each tile is like a component of a visual alphabet. Before you know it, a conversation is being had.” India Mahdavi