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The signature decorative flair of Jaime Hayon is also found in the BISAZZA CONTEMPORARY CEMENT TILES collection. The Spanish designer, with his fun-loving artistic language, creates very striking graphic designs, icons of the modern and slightly “pop” style he has made his own.

The distinguishing element of the collection is the countless number of combinations possible that, depending on how the tiles are aligned, gives rise to a vast range of textures. Innovative material surfaces made up of unexpected geometric figures that, repeating to infinity, convey a sense of movement and create continuity between spaces.

“The lush hills of Galicia, the avenues of Valencia with their scent of citrus, the sparkle of stars against the deepest Mediterranean blue.
The new tile collection takes its cue from the lively color palette of the Spanish countryside. A simple turn of the tiles and an entirely new panorama delights the eye. Elegant, vibrant, relaxing or extravagant – now it is possible to create one’s own enchanted landscape.” by Jaime Hayon

Tiles made entirely by hand using high-strength cement blended with coloured oxides. Square (20x20 cm) or hexagonal in shape (20x23 cm). Design Jaime Hayon