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berbel built-in hoods give great performance in the smallest of spaces. As a result, they have even won the Plus-X award for innovation and ease-of-use. All innovations including the Firstline built-in hood are tested for months in the lab before reaching the market. The Plus-X award once again confirms the high quality standards for berbel designs, their suction performance. and ease-of-use.

Firstline built-in hood
The Firstline built-in hood is a perfect solution for compact kitchens. Its new design and effective technology including double suction performance are really impressive. Like the other extractor hoods, the Firstline built-in hood is easy to clean, extremely quiet, and low-energy. In addition, the built-in hood can be used in exhaust, recirculation, or hybrid mode as required. The LEDs ensure a pleasant environment around your oven thanks to the perfect illumination of the hob - with very low energy consumption.
Only top-quality stainless steel and the latest processing technologies are used for berbel extractor hoods. This is why we are able to provide a 5-year guarantee on all of our products.

Firstline Touch built-in hood
The Firstline Touch built-in hood is characterised by its new design and elegant black EcoSwitch control. Thanks to really effective technology, this enables easy switching between exhaust and recirculation mode. Save energy at the touch of a button - completely flexibly and with plenty of innovation. Like the other extractor hoods, the Firstline Touch built-in hood is easy to clean, extremely quiet, and fitted with low-energy LEDs.

Glassline built-in hood - Stylish elegance.
Glassline is a hood with a completely new visual control concept. The highlight: The look is no longer interrupted by a separate control panel, but the control electronics are integrated seamlessly into the elegant (black or white) glass panel. If the hood is not in use, only the discreet on/ off button indicates the hidden electronics. Only at touch, the individual operator symbols are visible through an LED backlight. The sensor-touch features round the visionary design in a comfortable manner.

Clear-cut lines in side profile makes Glassline versatile: It can be installed under the upper cabinet of the kitchen or even be integrated into it, so that the sophisticated design complements the kitchen architecture of a continuous, straight line cabinet style.

The technical equipment with energy-saving EC fan motor with 630 m³/h at only 45dB (A) makes cooking with Glassline a total comfort experience in a peaceful and hygienic environment. Based on the patented berbel principle of filterless centrifugal separation which guarantees a particularly silently and efficiently suction performance.