Product description

During the last years it has become increasingly important to find solutions for acoustic problems in public and private spaces. Quite often the problem of poor room acoustics arises in places where many people work, meet or live together, as it often can be the case in offices, entrance halls, schools, restaurants, bars and lobbies,but also in many open-spaced private homes.

We have looked at the two topics „acoustic absorption“and „illumination“ and have come up with a product that is not only functional but also aesthetically very pleasing: O’Tool Akustik. It is a special sound absorbing version of our modular lighting system O’Tool, already launched in 2015.

The acoustic panels are very light weight. The surface can also be refined by natural felts in different colors, ranging from shades of white, grey and brown to crimson red, orange or yellow, just to name a few. The electronic elements are accommodated on the back of each panel, the small LED globes ( 28 mm, 1 watt, 100 lm) are plugged in after the assembly. On request the globes can be switched on and off and dimmed separately from each other. Colored light on request (no RGB).