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Dry Lake™
Western Edge Collection
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Product description

Our adventure through the arid terrain of the infinite Mojave Desert continues with Dry Lake. A part of Bentley’s Western Edge™ Collection, Dry Lake tells the unspoken story of the southwestern soil as it depicts the broken geometry of its primitive, cracked earth and its rich unadulterated tones.

Adding to the range of the collection, Dry Lake is available in broadloom and tile. The complete line of Western Edge illustrates the complex simplicity of the desert landscape as its variegated form echoes across diverse layers of time.

Material: AFIRMA™ Hardback | NexStep® Cushion | High PerformancePC
Dimensions: Tile 18 in x 36 in and 24 in x 24 in | Broadloom 12 ft
Backing: AFIRMA™ Hardback | NexStep® Cushion | High PerformancePC
Model Number: 4DLT6

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