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Saturno LED wall light in copper

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Saturno LED table lamp
The Saturno LED table lamp is a new design borne out of the success of the established Saturno family. Cristallo trihedrons bolted to a horizontal metal ring are lit by a continuous line of LEDs. Two vertical rods connect the cylindrical base to the ring of LEDs. The lamp is available in three finishes of copper, satin gold or a glossy black nickel.

Saturno LED pendant
Baroncelli is launching the Saturno LED pendant in two new finishes: rich copper and opulent gold. Made up of a concentric circle of cristallo trihedrons bolted to a single ring of polished copper or satin gold, the Saturno LED pendant has a hidden tape of LEDs running inside it. The striking silhouette of the pendant is emphasized by a soft continuous glow of light subtly emanating from the slim band of metal. Often in lighting design patterns are repeated to echo the glass, but Baroncelli have chosen to explore and celebrate an alternative lighting style to showcase the different lighting options that Baroncelli offer.

Saturno LED wall light
The Saturno wall light, inspired by its much larger counterpart the Saturno pendant, is constructed using cristallo trihedrons secured to a circle of copper or satin gold which is fixed off-centre to a plate attached to the wall. Arranged alternately and lit by LEDs, this bold wall light works very well in pairs or as part of a group.