Key facts

Product description

Visor: anodised aluminium
Suspended lamp: anodised aluminium
Room height:
2.3 - 2.5m L=1200mm
2.5 - 2.7m L=1400mm
2.7 - 2.9m L=1600mm
Light source: Reflector IRC 12V/20W - 50W/60°
Ceiling mounting: anodised aluminium

Product family


The Pendolino is a fine, flexible suspended lighting system for long tables and counters. The 12 volt reflector lamp delivers efficient and brilliant illumination to the table-top which can be adjustably focused or spread.

The Pendolino is composed of a low-voltage conductor rail with built-in transformer and 2-6 hanging lamps or spotlights depending on the rail length and transformer power. The intensity and lighting effect of the hanging lamps can be adjusted by extending them telescopically. The lamps can be moved vertically and horizontally as well as switched on and off individually while remaining seated.