Sofisticato Hanging Lamp Nr. 10 Bluesteel

Suspended lights from Serax, Designed by Koen Van Guijze

Product description

The Sofisticato NR. 09 and NR. 10 feature a fixed LED module inside a steel tube with a length of 40 or 70 cm and a diameter of only 3.5 cm.

The steel is manually heated and polished to obtain the distinctive blue effect of the Sofisticato line. d3,5 h40 gu10


The Sofisticato collection combines brutalism with refined elegance.

The collection owes its raw, timeless beauty to the minimalist design and the frequent use of blue steel, Or as Koen Van Guijze describes it: A straightforward material, fashioned by human hands, not spat out by a machine.

Every single part is manually milled, turned, sawn, drilled, and welded by craftsmen,Then the steel is heated and carefully polished by hand.

This procedure makes the steel rust-resistant, in addition to giving it its characteristic blue glow.

All luminaires in the collection can be perfectly combined, and the brass Sofisticato Wall Light 170 and Wall Light 340 provide an original, contrasting touch.

More about this product

Part of the collection LIGHTING.
Manufacturer Serax
Family Sofisticato By Koen Van Guijze
Architonic ID 20053043
Order number B7219369
Year of Launch 2019

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