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Product description

Weights and dimensions:

h x w x d for steel version
918 x 592 x 420 mm
combustion chamber h x w x d
476 x 318 x 236 mm
128 kg
flue outlet diameter
Ø 130 mm
flue outlet diameter middle
788 mm

heat output:

Nominal heat efficiency according to EN 13240
5 kW
E: min/max output
2,5 / 7 kW


For design enthusiasts with a propensity for the extraordinary!
If you fall in love with the Moby, it will be at first sight. Its perfectly shaped body and avant-garde design make it a real head-turner, despite its height of only 92 cm. The pedestal or the bench lift up the Moby by 30 cm and offer space for a wood storage With the bench you can even huddle up against the Moby during cold winter days.
Moby - deliberate design and extraordinary technology in harmony: the sophisticated door handle always remains cool.

1. Sideboard or bench? Whatever, the Moby always cuts a fine figure.
2. Moby on pedestal - what breezy sight.
3. Three options - one Moby: turnable with pedestal, bench or on the floor.
4. Even in the basic version, the Moby is a stunning beauty.
5. Chrome-plated convection air grids: placed with discretion they provide lots of warm convection air.
6. At long last - a door handle remaining cool. The door of course locks automatically.