Product description

45x90 - 17 3/4”x35 3/8” 10 mm
22,5x90 - 8 7/8"x35 3/8" 10 mm
60x60 - 23 5/8"x23 5/8" 10 mm
40x60 - 15 3/4"x23 5/8" 10 mm
30x60 - 11 3/4"x23 5/8" 10 mm
20x60 - 7 7/8"x23 5/8" 10 mm


Natural Strength

Trek interprets the material strength of natural slate, recreating its three-dimensional micro-structure and a rich selection of shades. The six available colours feature different and strongly characterised graphic elements, each the result of a peculiar expression of the natural stone. The two surface finishes, Matt and Grip, have different technical performance features (R10 for indoors, R11 A+B+C for outdoors), yet they share the same aesthetic qualities. The extensive choice of formats offers the possibility of creating multi-size installation solutions capable of highlighting the chromatic and surface effects of each single piece, giving life to layouts with a great aesthetic impact. The Trek project is completed with a sought-after decor set, designed to enhance the chromatic variety of the surface by reproducing the typical effects of natural slate.

Technology: Technical porcelain stoneware – Rectified monocaliber
Sizes (cm): 45x90 Slightly textured; 22.5x90 Slightly textured; 60x60 Slightly textured, Grip; 40x60 Slightly textured; 30x60 Slightly textured, Grip; 20x60 Slightly textured
Surface finish: Slightly textured (R10 A) - Grip (R11 A+B+C)
Colours: Artic White - Silver Grey - Ocean Black - Dune Beige - Forest Brown - Jungle Green