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Eria is just like this. Solid and elegant. With no complications. Work turns to be a pleasure when the warmth of homely environments reaches the office world. Papers pile up harmoniously on the tables. Books line up tidily along the shelves. Emotions are freely transferred and we don’t even realise it. Eria tables are large. The tops can be made of light oak, wengue dyed oak and opal glass. The table legs can be open frames in stainless steel or wood, or closed, in wood. Shelves and cabinets complement the tables to customise Eria spaces. The multiple combi-nations of shelves and cabinets obtaine elegant and balanced atmospheres.

In mid-2000 we asked Gabriel to create a new programme for us. With Track and Truck he had surprised us, he had thrilled us. And now we were expecting the same. We didn’t make it easy for him. The process has been, like most of the processes leading to something good, tortuous but fun. The result, the best. Gabriel’s proposal is not a simple aesthetic or functional thing, it is a whole world of sensations, it is the result of a very intense process of creativity and, without doubt, a great dose of audacity. Once again, he has managed to surprise us, to thrill us.

“I really don’t know the clue for the success of a project. But I’m sure that if you try to create something everybody will like, in the end nobody likes it. Aridi gave me the opportunity to make something different, giving me complete freedom to do it, an essential driving force. This gave rise to thrill and the will to create furniture seen from a different point of view, even if it would be basically the same as always. Therefore I think that the Aire and Eria programs are, rather than furniture lines, pure sensation.” - Gabriel Teixidó