Product description

Acoustic ceiling panel, rectangle, coated with fabrics
Dimensions (lxb): up to 2400 mm x 1200 mm as single element; larger elements are possible in modular form (max. width excluding seam: 1600 mm)
Surface: APN Fabric collections K1-K6
Mounting systems: Direct mounting by means of SYS-Z profile

Product family


Floating silence.
APN Vinta acoustic ceiling panels offer outstanding sound absorption characteristics and, with their attractive look, will surely add a touch of sophistication to your spaces. We even produce our APN Vinta acoustic ceiling panels as free forms in small series. If required, we can also supply ceiling sails with built-in lighting or an additional low-frequency absorber.

The way an acoustic ceiling sail is installed plays a major role in any carefully realised design. APN has developed simplified its mounting technique for ceiling sails, which reduces the distance between ceiling and ceiling panels to a minimum (patented APN SYS-Z profile). Alternatively, APN acoustic ceiling sails with their few suspension points and delicate wire rope suspension allow you to freely and flexibly adjust the sail elements (APN SYS-C rail) at any time.