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Product description

Elegant in their perfectly balanced proportions, minimal in their overall definition of form but at the same time organic: the Simplo basins are perfect in interpreting thin edges and curved corners, the latest trends in interior design and elements of design that make up the bathroom environment.
The subtle edges allow you to take advantage of the full capacity of the basins, while the comfortable surface amplifies their functionality. Simplo are made entirely in Flumood. These washbasins can be hung on the wall or top mounted on a small cabinet and can find a place in niches or guest bathrooms.

Product family


Simplo is a family of five top mount sinks and one freestanding. A program characterized by essential shake and minimal thicknesses where design highlights aspects of use, functionality and ergonomics.
The top mount sinks, proposed in different sizes are made from Flumood, a new generation material made by antoniolupi. Flumood is ecological, compact, non porous, uniform, non toxic and easy to clean with common domestic cleaning products that can be restored if scratched or marked by everyday use.
The basin of the washbasin is enhanced by an internal oblique shelf with dual function for resting objects or for the tap.
The freestanding version of Simplo is a restyling of the sink EGO by Nevio Tellatin (2010). Compared to its predecessor, Simplo offers innovative solutions in terms of appearance and function.
The study of colour and combinations has always been important for antoniolupi, Simplo85 is offered in white or embossed lacquered externally in all the colours of the Antoniolupi range.