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Meteo Out
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A soft, organic volume, natural in shape from which comes out an explosion of wellness, a space carved out from the perfect circular geometry that integrates seamlessly into the ceiling and seamlessly opens the surface to unleash maximum relaxation: Meteo_Out is a new showerhead that combines the power of water with the beneficial effects of color therapy. A ring of light shows depth and defines from where the water flows out embellishing the surface and the metallic sheen of the showerhead in stainless steel.
Meteo_Out is a complete range of showerheads characterized by a strong emotional component that is associated with innovative technology. The LED lighting rgb can be controlled with the remote control to create different scenarios as well as customized sequences through which to conceive health made to measure.
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A rainfall of water and lights, a regenerating force that comes to life from the source encased in the ceiling, a natural emotion and atmosphere that relaxes and engages all senses.

A project characterized by extreme rigor associated with a high technological innovative minimalism united in conveying emotion and unique sensations: Meteo is an encased showerhead available in a mirrored stainless steel or white finish which can have led rgb lighting incorporated (cromotherapy) and includes remote control. Square or rectangular shape, perimeter rain shower or center waterfall (only in the rectangular shape). Meteo offers water and light, a source of life that gives dialogue to elements which allows extreme customization to relax.