Product description

wall lamp (1 printed circuit board).rectangular concealed installation
295x83x600/600x83x295 mm (installation box 100x65x350 mm included in delivery)
natural aluminium anodised
24 leds.12 V (1000 lumen.2700 kelvin) 29.4 W

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the young architect from berlin nina jeroch has made a name for herself in recent years with her unusual jewelry light objects, which amaze both wearers and beholders with their use of led components.
following this success in the surprising combination of light and jewelry, jeroch takes an approach to led technology that is equally unconventional as that of her first lighting series: the printed circuit board - the heart of this technology - which usually remains invisible, becomes the illuminant and decorative element at the same time: jeroch penetrates the area of the printed circuit board, creating patterns that are reminiscent of labyrinths and the outlines of indian temples.
in a further advancement of this lighting system, the decoratively penetrated printed circuit boards, as two-dimensional basic elements, are pieced together to make rectangular and square high-tech 'lamp shades'. these 'lamp shades' radiate light inwards that is bathed in an almost mystic gold through the copper circuit paths, juxtaposing with the silver anodised aluminium exterior of the printed circuit boards with their geometric openings.
last but not least, alumega is not only a formal reinterpretation of an led lamp, it also convinces brilliantly with its use of a new generation of light sources that at last are able to radiate warm light, solving the previous problem of the cold, harsh light emitted by leds.