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System C
System C
Ann Idstein
Christophe Marchand
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Wall coverings-Acoustic solutions
Wall decoration-Luminous walls
Sound absorption-Ceiling systems

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C stands for ceiling. As the name suggests, the product’s main purpose is to function as a form of textile ceiling, although it can be placed on a wall as well. Depending on the quality of the fabric used, the system adds various functions to an interior environment. Through the use of translucent fabrics, System C can function as a light diffuser or even as a large lampshade. At the same time, it can cover undesired objects such as an ugly lamp armature, electrical cables etc. For obvious reasons, the use of non-flammable materials is recommended.

Another field of use is as a sound absorbent. Many architectural structures today are built with steel, concrete and glass, often resulting in problematic acoustic situations. Through the use of felt materials or other sound absorbing fabrics or films, System C can operate as a sound absorbent.

System C comes with wall- or ceiling fittings made of stainless steel. The ceiling fittings are adjustable in height, so the distance between the System C and the existing ceiling can be optimized. The standard shape of the system is that of a rectangular square, called System C1. There is also an alternative triangular shape called System C2. Many other shapes can be manufactured on demand.