Product description

Basic Module

W3280 x D3000 x H450 mm
Weight: 258kg

Product family


Multifunctional seating system
A highly variable seating system for public spaces such as shopping malls, entrance hall, railway stations or public buildings and offices. It offers the possibility to connect and charge Phones, Smartphones, Tablets, PCs, MP3 or MP4 Players via a USB socket.

Material solid surface is available in colours: ALPINE WHITE (LG HI-MACS®), NOCTURNE DEEP BLACK Corian®), HOT RED (Corian®), or other variants according to the requirement of the customer.

Basic Components
P 01LX, P 01RX, P 02LX, P 02RX

Basic Modules
P 101X, P 102X, P 103X, P 104X, P 105X, P 106X, P 107X, P 108X, P 109X, P 110X, P 111X, P 112X, P 113X, P 114X