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Stone Table
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Product description

Following the success achieved with our outside light Stone Out, Josep Puig and Josep Novell they have designed this new version that incorporates several advantages in front of the previous model: By placing the rotomoulded polythene diffuser looking to the ground, we get a more decorative illumination and the flat upper part of the stailess steel structure allows us to use it like wan auxiliary table or like an occasional seat.
The structure of the model Stone Table is made totally in stainless steel and the rotomulded diffuser measuring 80 x 55cm is made of poliethilene. It uses a fluorescent circular T5 tube 55W and it is provided with 5 meters of neoprene cable and bases Schuko. Supplied epoxi painted in colours white, silver and anthracite gray.
L 80 cm x W 55 cm x H 30 cm

Product family


STONE is a collection of luminaries produced with a rotomoulded polyethylene diffuser of great dimensions, in form of rolling stone. This totally organic form allows integrating these lights in the most modern and outstanding decorations and even allows to make manifold combinations that confer to the product a different reading. We have developed a version for outside (IP65) like portable lamp that can be left on the turf or in the way, like another stone but adding a very pleasant, innovative, modern, decorative and luminance value to the garden. The other versions are like ceiling /wall lamp and pendant. As ceiling / wall solution allows illuminating in a homogenous form a room and although it has great dimensions, fits in proportions in any space due to his form. In facilities, when joining several pieces we will be able to create really interesting effects (groups of stones in a ceiling, or stones scattered in a wall...) Like pendant, it has a special interest by not being symmetrical and having ‘faces' …. is to say different views that confer a different aspect to the product depending from where it is watched. Their dimensions are: 80 xs 52 xs 20 cm and use a fluorescent lamp circular T5 of 55W.