Product description

SETTE MAGIE floor lamp is made of a single-section cylinder with a micaceous grey metal base and LED lighting which includes a remote control to helps adjust the intensity and colour temperature of the light.

Cylinder with metallic finish in light nickel, bronze tobacco, titanium.
Base in gray micaceous finish.
Contains a LED light source, with remote control for adjusting both the intensity and the color temperature
of the light.


SETTE MAGIE collection is one of the best expressions of the project approach by Massimo & Lella Vignelli: on the one hand a careful and visually powerful design of its lines, on the other a strong connection with Italian handicraft which results in an intellectually challenging, unique and timeless product. The element which combines the design of all the items in SETTE MAGIE collection is the cylindrical metal structure, updated with metalized painting in three contemporary nuances instead of the original gold and silver leaf coating and micaceous iron painting, characterized by the distinctive graphic sign of the sequence of seven bright holes.