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Low sideboard in two lengths, 243 or 290 cm. The suspension effect created by the transparent methacrylate base is emphasized by an LED back-lighting strip along the entire length of the cabinet. The body of the cabinet is closed by hinged doors, a large extractable drawer and by a sliding panel that opens to reveal an additional compartment. The central compartment and side compartments have a transparent gray glass shelf. The central compartment includes an opening for wires. Backlit drawer compartment, drawer interior in slate grey finish, can be equipped with opalescent methacrylate bottle holder bar accessory.

Cabinet and hinged doors in veneer heat-treated Eucalyptus, black Eucalyptus, Swamp oak, Swamp ash (*) or lacquered matt or glossy finish in different colors. Interior always veneer in wooden versions, matt lacquered in lacquered versions.
Sliding door: Volcanic Earth finishes (**) colors Lipari white, Vesuvio brown, Etna grey,lacquered with brushed metal Nikel-15 (***) or glossy finish in different colors.
Lacquered colors: Black, White, White SW, Ghiaia Grey, Pietra Grey, Fumo Grey, Lino, Sabbia, Warm Grey, Argilla, Red NY, Red Vico, Blue Iseo, Green Iseo.

(*) Swamp oak and Swamp ash
Special veneer identified as a ''fossil'' since obtained from trunks found below ground, where they have been preserved under layers of clay for hundreds of years. The anaerobic environment inhibited the growth of microorganisms preventing the inexorable process of slow decay. On the contrary, over time the internal elements are transformed and others have been added: the mineral salts are combined with those present in the wood matrix, slowly transforming the organic state. This long natural process, which cannot be replicated, gives the wood a unique, precious appearance, with surprising colors and textures. The aging of the wood can also cause the formation of cracks and splits which are puttied and repaired but not eliminated during processing, because they are the signs of time that provide evidence of the great age and uniqueness of the material.

(**) Volcanic Earth finishes
Spatulated finish done by hand using a volcanic earth-based microcement mixture protected with special resins, pleasing to the touch and wear resistant.

(***) Metallic brushed finishes
A family of exclusive finishes, obtained by applying special paints, developed using nanotechnologies and containing true metallic micro-particles. Hand brushing creates infinite lines of colour and shade to give a precious, constantly unique effect.

Product variants


ALTEREGO Low springs from designer Giacomo Moor’s sensitivity for craftsmanship combined with his deep knowledge of materials, which are united with Acerbis’s ability to experiment and innovate the opening systems, making movement itself an element of aesthetic and functional design. The result is a rigorous, linear volume, with generous proportions but extremely light thanks to the transparent methacrylate base and the back-lighting system that create an unusually beautiful suspended effect, making the full-height front panel seem to be the only support element, which at a first appears to be fixed. The unit combines three different opening systems: hinged door, drawer and a sliding front panel, which moves freely across the body of the structure, revealing an additional compartment.
ALTEREGO Low is dedicated both to storage and to home entertainment, designed to accommodate even the most modern multimedia systems, with its central compartment and side compartments with transparent grey glass shelves and an internal system of openings for wires. The drawer is backlit and can be equipped with an opalescent methacrylate bottle holder bar accessory. The cabinet, the hinged doors and the extractable drawer are available in Eucalyptus, Black Eucalyptus, Swamp Oak, Swamp Ash wood, or glossy or matt lacquered, with the full-height front panel lacquered tone-on-tone matching with the structure or in contrasting material with a brushed Nickel-15 metal finish, or in the new Volcanic earth-based cement coating in Lipari White, Vesuvio Brown or Etna Grey colors and protected by a surface finish with special resins.