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FlowerPot Garden VP5
Verner Panton >
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Product description

Lacquered aluminium and stainless steel

H 120 cm, Shade: 23 x 16 cm
Tube:15 mm stainless steel
Colours: Black, White, Red, Orange, Turqouise

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Amongst the prolific works of Verner Panton, one of Denmark’s most playful and provocative talents, the FlowerPot lamp stands out as a cultural emblem that captured the hearts and minds of an entire era. First launched in ‘68, the FlowerPot lamp became synonymous with the peace and love movement led by a generation in search of a more open, progressive mindset. Add to that a fascination with the future prompted by the race to outer space and you have the ideal framework for a visionary designer like Panton, who was relentless in his own quest to challenge the status quo.

Captivated by fluid forms and a vast spectrum of vivid colours, Panton designed this lamp to be more than a source of illumination. He went on to create entire interiors filled with furniture, saturated with psychedelic colours and accentuated with lamps appearing in repeated patterns as decorative details. From futuristic furniture fairs to exhibition spaces to museums of contemporary design, galleries and private collections, the FlowerPots continue to signify a singular formula for beauty and simplicity.

“Without a doubt, Panton is one of the most daring designers of the 20th century,” says &tradition Brand Manager Martin Kornbek Hansen. “What makes the FlowerPot lamp so iconic is that while it’s reminiscent of the past, its global appeal truly transcends time. By introducing a new colour scheme, we catapult the lamp into a contemporary landscape, appealing to new audiences who see design as an imperative that adds an extra dimension to their lives.”

Panton himself summed it up when he said “The main purpose of my work is to provoke people into using their imagination and to make their surroundings more exciting.” We couldn’t agree more.