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Underground Structures

Tim Abrahams


At the end of the 19th century, HG Wells imagined a future in which industry had been completely located underground, whilst above ground all was green and leafy.Instead, something very different has happened to the building of structures beneath our

Viaducts: new urban encounters

Tim Abrahams


An intelligent approach to repurposing disused viaducts is providing a number of cities with new public spaces that delight users with fresh and intriguing perspectives of familiar urban landscapes. Architonic examines how such projects, in turning

Route Master: the 2010 London Festival of Architecture

Tim Abrahams


With the 2012 Olympics coming round that last bend and into view, this year's geographic-route-fixated London Festival of Architecture decided on 'The Welcoming City' as its theme. But just how welcome was that as an idea.

Own Goal: Who's really paying the price for South ...

Tim Abrahams


All sporting eyes are on South Africa as the World Cup kicks off. But what kind of architectural legacy will the event leave behind and, perhaps more importantly, what will be its economic one?

Making an Exhibition of Ourselves: Architonic deciphers some ...

Tim Abrahams


No form of architecture is perhaps as loaded with rhetoric as the expo pavilion. With hundreds of countries currently jostling at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai to attract visitors into their little piece of home, Architonic takes a look at what's at

Getting high in London: the 2012 Olympic city's ...

Tim Abrahams


When Mayor of London Boris Johnson unveiled the design of a 115-metre-high steel tower by renowned sculptor Anish Kapoor, which is to be built next to the city's new 2012 Olympic Stadium, the reaction from press and public was one of emphatic