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What makes a good desk light? Ten lamps with bright ...

James Wormald


Desks, whether in or out of office, in or out of hours, can be lonely places. When long, dark nights start to breach our working days, it’s good to have a desktop friend, to lighten the load.

Eight flexible ways to change the office landscape

James Wormald


Offices with flexible workspaces allow employees to feel comfortable and confident whether they want to be inside, outside, together or apart. Here’s how to do it.

Steelcase's Truchet Acoustic Tiles cut through the ...

Alyn Griffiths


With their latest addition to an already substantial repertoire of soundproofing solutions, the global workspace specialist ensures that workers can be productive and stress-free no matter the office layout.

Transforming the office: the new Lares desk by Steelcase

Harriet Thorpe


By creating a highly adaptable, user-centric designer desk, the international office expert once again seeks to highlight its commitment to anticipating the workspaces of our future – and making them functional for everyone.

A neighbourhood feel for the office

Nick Compton


By looking to urban planning for design inspiration, Steelcase has created a new roadmap and key principles for designing workspaces that make employees feel 'rooted and replenished.'

How Steelcase makes offices a destination with Signature ...

Nick Compton


By creating task-specific, easy-to-specify landscapes within the workspace, Steelcase's curated architectural scenes promote high performance and holistic wellbeing for a rejuvenated office experience.

Taking the camping spirit inside with Steelcase Work Tents

Nick Compton


Through clever contextualisation and the right design partner, the international work environment expert successfully reappropriates a staple of outdoor architecture for the office spaces of the future.

Creating studio conditions for hybrid work with ...

Emma Moore


Hybrid work becoming a permanent part of our future is a welcome prospect for most. What still causes nervous anticipation is making sure the image quality stays consistent in different video call environments. Steelcase's new Eclipse Light can help.

Six ways to design more productive co-working spaces

James Wormald


Past a certain point, productivity becomes counterintuitive – the more you work, the less you do. But what if we’ve passed it already? The flexible workplace can help us get more done, by doing less.

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Constraints Spark Creativity: Steelcase Series 1



STEELCASE hacks the traditional design process and spins constraints into creative fuel for Series 1 – a chair with performance, style and choice for a low price.

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