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A new frame of mind: Steelcase Flex Active Frames

James Wormald


Based on a survey of 32,000 people, Steelcase’s latest study – the ‘Work Better Report’ – discovers what workers expect and require from their post-pandemic working environment...

Social mobility: Steelcase Roam

Dominic Lutyens


Steelcase Roam is always there when you need it – from spontaneous brainstorming to bigger meetings. Because, after all, the best ideas often come at the most unexpected moment.

Flex appeal: Flex collection from Steelcase

Dominic Lutyens


The sleek, unobtrusive elements of Steelcase's Flex collection make office spaces totally flexible while at the same time helping to keep them uncluttered looking.

Hyper-collaboration: Steelcase’s research-driven approach

Dominic Lutyens


Designers and researchers at the global office furniture manufacturer Steelcase take an empirical approach – observing the real challenges office-workers face around the world.

Keep it in the family: Steelcase Cavatina

Anna Winston


With its new Cavatina collection, the office-furniture manufacturer STEELCASE offers a versatile, uncomplicated chair family that is suitable for all purposes of modern working environments, from individual workstations to large, open meeting areas.

The tables are turning: Steelcase Bivi

Norbert Philipp


The office furniture manufacturer STEELCASE found inspiration for its new workplace series Bivi by studying the success of start-ups.

Heavy Petal: Steelcase SILQ

Gerrit Terstiege


Inspired by the shape of a flower bud, the innovative office furniture manufacturer STEELCASE has developed a revolutionary, simple office chair that adjusts perfectly to the user's body without complex mechanics.

Meet the new neighbours: Steelcase's Share It ...

James Wormald


STEELCASE's Share It Collection combines open-plan design with private office elements that structure space into separate neighbourhood areas, providing both privacy and focus, as well as Team Hubs for colleagues to connect.

The future of work is creative

DETAIL - Zeitschrift für Architektur + Baudetail


STEELCASE supports leading organisations with in-depth knowledge and experience in workplace design. Together with Microsoft, Steelcase has developed five office solutions for the workplace of the future.

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Constraints Spark Creativity: Steelcase Series 1



STEELCASE hacks the traditional design process and spins constraints into creative fuel for Series 1 – a chair with performance, style and choice for a low price.

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