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Studio O+A is an award-winning San Francisco-based interior design firm with 23 years of experience in workplace design. Our creative office solutions for companies such as Zazzle, Microsoft, Facebook, Aol, Yelp, Samsung and many others have established the firm as one of the country’s leading exponents of innovative work environments.

O+A’s methodology is steeped in the practical application of proven techniques. We have learned that

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Hearth and Home

Dominic Lutyens


Fireplaces were once essential: from prehistoric times to the 19th-century, a home’s hearth provided light, heat and a means with which to cook. Today, you might think they were superfluous, obsolete in this age of centrally heated buildings. Yet


Where the Future Happens



In September, we saw the launch of the eagerly anticipated Apple Watch. Much has already been said about the potential impact of this device on the worlds of consumer electronics, fashion, well-being and productivity. It’s certainly a step forward


Furnishing: designing for a wider context



An architecturally oriented flexibility and modularity in furnishing is responding to the increasing need for spaces that cover a diversity of user needs. Orgatec investigates.